Education in Cambodia – Facts and Figures


One purpose of this Blog is to assemble available facts and figures on Cambodian education into one place.  I’m interested in this data because of my involvement with Savong’s School in Bakong, Siem Reap. It is useful for every NGO to contextualise itself in the broader picture. I’m a researcher by profession and try to cite all my references and use the best available data.

This page consists of links to various stories I’ve written specifically about the facts and figures.  My usual references are MOEYS (Ministry of Education, Youth & Sport) and UNESCO however a few good news organisations also deliver useful and pretty consistent figures also.

  1. Growth of enrolments since 1980
  2. Student/Teacher ratios
  3. How many students complete schooling to Grade 12? See also item 7 – revised pass-rates.
  4. Gender equality? Are girls succeeding at least as well as boys in Cambodian schools?
  5. How qualified are the teachers of Cambodia?
  6. Teacher shortages in Siem Reap. The data says yes.
  7. Pass rates for Grade 12 exams – take a tumble toward reality.

External sources of Education related data for Cambodia include:

  1. Ministry of Education, Youth & Sport. The Cambodian Ministry has become very good at collecting data and making this available via reports in PDF formats. They conduct an annual census of school enrolments etc. MOEYS
  2. Wikipedia – an assemblage of history, facts, and figures: some of it now quite out of date. Still worth checking out.
  3. UNESCO collects education related data worldwide, and often this reflects their agenda rather than the agenda of local education authorities. Sometimes that’s a good thing. UNESCO facts and figures – Cambodia.

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