The library at Savong’s School: A place for children to enjoy their imaginations.

The library at Savong's School: A place for children to enjoy their imaginations.

My earliest reading experiences go back to when I was 4 years old and I was taken to the library in Brown’s Line, Etobicoke Toronto. The librarian would read us stories and the first story I recall was Madeleine – the girl in the post-war Parisian orphanage. The library was a place of wonder. I was reminded of this on my recent trip to Savong’s School when I saw children making themselves at home in the library. In village life there is really no space for children: no place where they can let their imaginations soar and take them to foreign lands, or to ancient times with dinosaurs, or to enjoy worlds of fantasy.

The library is such a place, and it fulfills the very same purpose as the Browns Line library did for me, 54 years ago. Sometimes a school is delivering best when it chooses to be silent and to listen – carefully – to the voices we hear in books.

A short piece about the two supporters who built the library – sight unseen. Two heroes.

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