H&M pledges fair living wage to suppliers

Fashion label with a conscience. A slow reaction to Cambodian and Bangladesh worker safety? While fashion labels announce new minimum wages on November 23rd Cambodia’s garment workers made a claim for $150 per month to be the new minimum: a lot higher than H&M or Walmart have been discussing.


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High street fashion chain H&M has announced that it plans to pay a fair living wage to all of its suppliers.Helena Helmersson, the brand’s head of sustainability, unveiled the company’s ‘road map’ at the European Conference on Living Wages this week. The new scheme focuses on wage development at the factories of its suppliers by demanding that all those who work to make H&M products have their wages negotiated and annually reviewed, involving democratically elected trade unions or worker representatives.

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Although H&M is to be applauded for the scheme, it is going to be a slow process. In September 2011 the brand joined the Fair Wage Network initiative which assessed more than 200 of their key suppliers’ factories (they currently source from 1,800 factories). By 2014 they will 850,000 workers across three ‘model’ factories in Cambodia and Bangladesh under the fair wage scheme and…

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