Six winners of Savong School university scholarships announced – can you help?

Six winners of Savong School university scholarships announced - can you help?

I support a school in rural Cambodia that serves more than 500 high-school students. The focus is to help their employability and to give them the opportunities they lack due to the poverty gap. Following recent examinations at Savong’s School six university scholarships have been announced. Winners receive at least 4 years support through university (1 year intermediate followed by 3 years Bachelors degree) in the form of their annual fees being covered, a laptop computer presented – to enable study – as well as daily transport from Bakong to Angkor University (14 kms away) and a modest living allowance to cover the costs of being a student. For westerners this works out at $US1,000 per annum over four years. For these students the opportunity is a golden ticket out of poor rural conditions, and a chance to reach their potential. Contact me if in some way you’d like to support one, or some of these students. $20 a week, coffee money, can totally change a life and that of their family.

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Savong School Scholarships

I put this together in 2010 when we first launched the Scholarship scheme. It has been a great success with the first students now entering the final year of study – and still enthusiastic. “I still cannot believe I have this opportunity,” one told me.

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Five things I love about Savong School – Cambodia


Savong and me. Despite appearance, I always look up to Savong because of his dedication to make his dream of free education come true. More than 500 students are enrolled at his school.


I’ve commented elsewhere that I feel Savong’s School has never been in better shape. Far from being the fragile NGO that it was in 2005, with everyone learning their way: today it is a place that has stuck to its dreams but offers a lot more than any of us imagined 8 years ago. Here are 5 things I love about the school.

1) The objectives have never changed in 8 years. Back before it was built, Savong dreamed of a school that serve rural students, would be free, would provide language and other skills that would help these students reach their employment potential. Savong has never lost that vision though in that time we have added computer education as well as support for top students to proceed to university. The dream remains the same.

2) The students are enthusiastic and hard working. Most already attend the local Bakong High School which is itself improving year by year. Yet here they are, voluntarily attending additional school because they want to.

3) The staff are positive, skilled and up-skilling themselves.

4) The top students get further support. Top students get a full scholarship that support them through the 4 years (or more) that they need to complete intermediate year followed by a three year Bachelors degree. Our sights are rising higher and higher and these students are making the most of their amazing opportunity.

5) The social interaction at the school is very positive. It starts at the top with the rapport between teachers, but it goes further: in the way that scholarships students give something back to the school – and acting as mentors for younger students. It shows in the way that students congregate before and after class – enjoying the school as a supportive place within their community.

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Exam time at Savong’s School


The stress of exams. The pressure to do well. A number of students here will win a Savong School 4-Year University Scholarship as a result of their hard work.

Examinations were held this last week at rural-based Savong’s School – just ahead of the Cambodian Pchum Ben holidays in which families honour their ancestors. Many children took part in the exams which are held to an officially recognised standard thanks to input from a local university and authorization by the Ministry of Education. For the senior Grade 12 students these examination provide the opportunity to gain a full four year university scholarship and laptop computer so there is a lot at stake here.

Results will be announced in late October after the Pchum Ben holiday season, which of course means plenty of marking for the teachers. Good luck everyone!

Naturally, if you’re reading this and wish to find a truly amazing way to support a student to realise their dreams and potential, you’re invited to take part in this programme.