Great progress on childrens home


Up on the roof. The two new dormitory rooms at the children’s home are almost complete.

Excellent progress has been made on the extensions to Savong’s home for children in the Bakong district near the school. The roofing is nearly completed on the new dormitory rooms, though in the last few days progress has been slow thanks to a dramatic turn in the weather. The wet season seems to have arrived in earnest.

Almost all the required money has been raised – and a big thank you to the Tasmanian connection for raising  $US6980. Funds have also come in from elsewhere, taking our total toward the initial $8500 target – though we can do with more money in order to replace the somewhat leaky tin roofing on the original building.  Got a spare $100 or two?

Click on the Currency and you'll be taken to safe, secure PayPal.

Click on the Currency and you’ll be taken to safe, secure PayPal.

PAYPAL – donations from Singapore no longer possible

Here’s something we learned today. Regular supporters of Savong’s project residing in Singapore are now unable to send donations via PayPal. This is due to a law change. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) said  that offering such a payment service without any underlying goods or services transacted requires a remittance licence, which PayPal does not have.  Singaporean will still be able to support locally registered charities via PayPal.

This does not affect donors and supporters from most other nations. An alternative for Singapore supporters is to wire money to the Cambodian Rural Schools Trust in New Zealand, or to the Savong Foundation in the USA. Both are registered charities.Image