Here’s a direct way you can change a life in Cambodia.


The young man photographed above comes from a poor rural community where family incomes of less than $US50 dollars per month are not uncommon. With this background no matter how bright the student is at high school, university is out of reach. In a real sense, poverty is passed on from generation to generation.

Well, for this student the cycle has been broken thanks to a simply managed realistic university scholarship run by a local school in Bakong, Cambodia and supported by sponsors overseas – practical people who commit what adds up to ‘coffee money’ to ensure bright students can reach their potential. Once these students win a good graduate job (in Cambodia less than 3% of adults have a degree – compared with 26% in the USA) then they will help their family. Your gift keeps on  giving.

If you would like to sponsor a University Scholarship student to cover enrolment, living allowance, transport this costs just $US80 a month, and we have set up a SPONSOR arrangement that will bill you automatically each month for this amount – with a limit of 24 months. (For your security.)

You have the right, of course, to cancel donations if your circumstances change – but this is a great way to set up a significant support system for a rural student in Cambodia.

Click on the Logo to take yourself through to PayPal and the $US80 per month, ongoing subscription.
Click on the Logo to take yourself through to PayPal and the $US80 per month, ongoing subscription.
  • For further information feel free to write to me: Duncan Stuart at
  • All donations are receipted – they are lodged into the registered New Zealand charity Cambodian Rural Schools Trust
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  • All funds, apart from a small transfer fee, go to the project. We do not incur marketing or admin expenses.




Hong (on the right) has been sponsored for a few years now and he’s working his way toward a qualification at the well-regarded L’ecole Paul Dubrule, a French sponsored hospitality school that trains young Khmer students to world-class standards. 90% of their graduates find immediate employment. One day I went with Hong for a coffee to the fabulous Mother Home Boutique Hotel to experience top quality service. We observed the little details, the fold of the napkins; the eye contact. And there we met another student (left) who is completing his Dubrule course. I was reminded how important it is for our own school to help connect students with potential careers. I thank Dilshad and Amir, supporters of Savong (and the guests who introduced me to Mother Home) for their discussion about our need for a career focus. Hong’s story brought it home for me.  Elsewhere – meet Kadang, who has found his niche as well.