A student who inspired me in 2004

A student who inspired me in 2004

I don’t know the name of this boy but I took this photo in 2004 after class at Savong’s original school – a classroom underneath his father’s house near Wat Thmey, the Killing Fields Pagoda. I’d been in Cambodia for just 3 days when I took this photo and I was entranced by the keen-ness displayed by this student to learn English. Look at his golden smile. Later, after taking the photo Savong told me how the boy’s father, a tuk-tuk driver had been lured by a passenger to a rural area, then murdered at knifepoint, and robbed. The tragedy occurred two weeks before I took the photo. I don’t know who he is, or where he is today, or how – ultimately – he dealt with the loss of his father, but this student really inspired me to get involved in Cambodia. He is a hero of mine – focusing on hope.