Election irregularities in Cambodia – here’s the report.


What kind of nation is this young Cambodian going to experience as an adult? In 2005 one foreign critic said there were three main problems to be addressed: “Corruption, corruption and corruption.” A new report of the 2013 elections comes to similar conclusions.

While Thailand is getting a lot of media attention over its political upheavals – neighbouring Cambodia has also been in political turmoil since the recent General Elections which saw the return of the Hun Sen Government – albeit chastened with a sharply reduced majority.

At least that was the official result, but the opposition Sam Rainsy party continues to orchestrate protests and demands for a rerun, and this time a fair election.

Are they exaggerating? Well here is the report conducted by a multi-party watchdog group. Their verdict: that there were irregularities (disallowed votes, duplicate voting etc) that in total add up to more than the electoral majority of the Hun Sen Government. In other words there is the probability that thanks to these misdemeanors and irregularities the outcome may have been different.

The Joint-Report on the Conduct of the 2013 Cambodian Elections authored by The Electoral Reform Alliance (ERA) appears well researched and quite independent.

A blog I wrote just after election day. Was it over-optimistic?