Welcome to the twice-a-month blog about Savong’s School in Cambodia


Duncan Stuart – this photo was taken in Red Hook, NYC. Two weeks later, thanks to Hurricane Sandy, even the words Fort Defiance were under water. We live in a world of change.

This blog is dedicated to all supporters past, present and future of Savong’s School project (and other projects) in Cambodia. I’m switching to a blog format rather than relying on bi-monthly newsletters in order to deliver more frequent yet less labour-intensive news about the School.

Last year I had a truly stressful time trying to fit in work commitments (I’m no longer with that firm) while struggling to keep up my commitments to Savong and his projects.  In 2012 I felt I was less effective than I needed to be in spreading the word, fundraising and keeping everyone abreast of the project’s activities, and with the progress of the individual students we collectively care for – including the children at the Savong Home and Education Center (New name for the SOC) and the students at the school.

I won’t over-promise here, but my purpose is:

  • To keep supporters up to date with the project – with news and photos.
  • To be regular about this.
  • To not over-burden your in-box with heavy or hard to open documents.

I also hope to include guests – because the project has always succeeded by being inclusive and by listening to the input of supporters world-wide.

Duncan Stuart

  • March 10th 2013
  • duncan@kudosdynamics.com