Teacher training in Cambodia – here are two good NGOs


Yesterday I admitted that I was not aware of any specific teacher training NGOs in Cambodia – and I was contacted immediately by a good supporter of the International organisation Teachers Across Borders which has in fact been operating in Cambodia since 2005 getting started the same year Savong built his school. My oversight completely!

Teachers Across Borders operate in several regions of Cambodia, and in Siem Reap TAB runs annual workshops which bring together18-20 local teachers as well as  two experienced volunteer teachers and two capable translators.  These are run over two weeks of half day workshops – and the course includes visits to public schools where ideas and lesson plans are put into practice.

Each year the workshops include core content areas, such as:

  1. Education Leadership
  2. English as a Second Language
  3. Social Studies
  4. Math and Science
  5. Classroom Management
  6. Geography
  7. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  8. Creative Writing

They are not alone. Another organisation that had somehow escaped my folder of good contacts is the NGO Bayon English Academy – which is a Japanese funded organisation, led by Shally Toun (he’s a local educators) and Nicole Takeda who is a Japan based American academic. The BEA provides free English education to local students, and has been using this as a basis for developing better student – focused teaching methods that break away from the traditional chalk and talk template.

The BEA also trains teachers in these methods. Their website is worth checking out – especially the resources page where they have published a paper presented by Shally and Nicole discussing some of their learnings and approaches.

Do check out their websites. I do see one role for this blog as being a kind of lens that helps readers see the wider picture of education in Cambodia.  Us various NGOs can only gain by talking more, swapping notes and assisting each other forward.

Given my interest in the subject, I’ll see if I can interview people from each of these organisations and share what they have to say, and the insights they have each learned. Stay posted.

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