An unexpected moment in Cambodia

An unexpected moment in Cambodia

One of the things I love about being in Cambodia is the unexpectedness of things. I took this photo when I was on the road between Tonle Sap lake and Siem Reap. I had stopped for directions to a local pottery, which was just 100 metres away as it turned out. Suddenly there was a clanging and a commotion of chants, of motorbike horns and of singing.

I looked up and saw this colorful and good natured parade. I’m not sure what the occasion was – a wedding? a Buddhist ceremony at the nearby temple? I’m really not sure. But I was reminded that life in rural Cambodia may be governed by the daily rhythm of sunrise and sunset; of the morning crow of roosters and of the scorching midday sun – but life is seldom dull or monotonous.

Khmer society is richly textured with ceremonies and celebrations.

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