Five things I love about Savong School – Cambodia


Savong and me. Despite appearance, I always look up to Savong because of his dedication to make his dream of free education come true. More than 500 students are enrolled at his school.


I’ve commented elsewhere that I feel Savong’s School has never been in better shape. Far from being the fragile NGO that it was in 2005, with everyone learning their way: today it is a place that has stuck to its dreams but offers a lot more than any of us imagined 8 years ago. Here are 5 things I love about the school.

1) The objectives have never changed in 8 years. Back before it was built, Savong dreamed of a school that serve rural students, would be free, would provide language and other skills that would help these students reach their employment potential. Savong has never lost that vision though in that time we have added computer education as well as support for top students to proceed to university. The dream remains the same.

2) The students are enthusiastic and hard working. Most already attend the local Bakong High School which is itself improving year by year. Yet here they are, voluntarily attending additional school because they want to.

3) The staff are positive, skilled and up-skilling themselves.

4) The top students get further support. Top students get a full scholarship that support them through the 4 years (or more) that they need to complete intermediate year followed by a three year Bachelors degree. Our sights are rising higher and higher and these students are making the most of their amazing opportunity.

5) The social interaction at the school is very positive. It starts at the top with the rapport between teachers, but it goes further: in the way that scholarships students give something back to the school – and acting as mentors for younger students. It shows in the way that students congregate before and after class – enjoying the school as a supportive place within their community.

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