This teacher emphasises the quality of teaching

This teacher emphasises the quality of teaching

Sovannarith has been one of the teachers at Savong’s School since it opened in September 2005 and he has always been distinguished by his professionalism and dedication. These days he still teaches, but his role has also put him in new territory: training and developing the other teachers. Each week he runs a session for staff and two weeks ago I ran one with him on the use of questions in the classroom – a lesson that I myself was taught at Auckland Teacher’s College back in 1977. NGOs in Cambodia are sometimes criticised for measuring activities (number of injections administered) rather than outcomes (reduction in disease) so it is a mark of real maturity at the school that here the focus is not simply on more teachers, but on the quality of the teaching and how to improve it. This is one sign that made me feel, personally, that Savong’s School has never been in better shape. It was a delight to see Sovannarith once more.

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