A change in the fundraising structure at Savong’s School and SOC


This year Savong has been working hard on several facets of the organisation – fund raising and supervising renovations to the children’s home in Bakong, but also setting a system for fundraising of the SOC that is locally run.

The need to do this comes in part for a desire for self-sufficiency by the organisation which is inspired by surrounding NGOs that have western style system sin places.  The other motivator has come from the financial pressure I’ve been under – personally – with the continued growth of the SOC and school and scholarships program.

Somehow I ended up as underwriter for the whole project, when my resources were committed to the school and scholarship program. After the SOC was built there has always been a shortage of sponsorship money and I’ve tended to make up the shortfall. Between inflation and the growth of the project I’ve been unable to meet the rising demand, out of my own pocket. Something had to change.

So with the assistance of Alex, a young Australian (she has been in Cambodia several months this year) Savong has been setting up a new sponsorship arrangement for the children at SOC – handling the search for sponsors, the regular communications and the handling of donations from Cambodia. I will continue to focus on the school and scholarships exactly as I committed to do in 2004.

The best way anyone can help Savong and the project is to offer certainty and commitment. We’ve always tried to offer that not only to the children we teach or care for, but also for the teachers and scholarship winners. So right now as Savong transitions from one system to another – and this time operates without an underwriter who’s there to pick up any slack – he deserves plenty of commitment from supporters and sponsors.

See also a November 2013 piece about a new visitor rule: a minimum donation.

And if you are interested in making a donation: click here.

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