A step closer to true democracy


Savong posted this photo on the night of the election – he witnessed lots of people who found themselves unable to vote.

The election returns are still being finalised in Cambodia but already it is apparent that the opposition has badly shaken to ruling party of Hun Sen. Here’s a good report in the New York Times.

The significance of the result is that the opposition is now large enough in Parliament to exert real pressure on the ruling party – and have the power, it seems, to walk-out of Parliament so that it does not reach a quorum.

How Hun Sen reacts will be interesting. For now, at least to this observer, he’ll need to tread a careful tightrope. Given the fact that hundreds of thousands found themselves unable to vote yesterday – the public is not going to be particularly forgiving if Hun Sen tries any strong-arm tactics.

Do read the New York Times piece – it is well researched.

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