How we assisted this dedicated Cambodian student.


Hey, a big thank you to Nicholas in Singapore for responding to our recent story about Moeuncheat (above) a high school student who lives 50kms from Siem Reap and whose family situation meant that he could not afford to go to high school to extend his education.

Moeuncheat contacted me via friends of friends on Facebook, and I was able to post his story a few weeks ago. The first step: Savong went out to visit the boy and his mother, in order to verify the story and work out how best to help. (We wire the money from the Savong School account – and Savong’s Scholarship Supervisor phones the school and Moeuncheat on a regular basis to track progress at the high school.)

With all the paperwork in place it was gratifying to receive this Facebook message the other day:

“Hi Duncan How are you looking today ? Today i want tell you that i was get money from Savong school ready it’s 40$ .thank you very much that you hilp me.”

I look forward to see where Moeuncheat’s story takes him. I admire his determination and his detective work to find a way through his schooling dilemma. How many thousands of young Cambodians face the same obstacles? That’s why I admire the systems and solutions set up by the likes of Savong’s School, and other NGOs such as the Ponheary Ly Foundation. They are dedicated to helping students overcome the barriers that stand between themselves and their future potential. As Nicholas has demonstrated – any of us can help an individual student. You interested?

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