The hanging tree. A sudden memory.


This photo of three children at the SOC looks full of joy, but when I opened it up on my computer  just now I suddenly remembered an incident that happened a few paces from this place: which is on the small cycle track that leads to the entrance gate of the SOC.

It was a suicide, and a local woman had hung herself from a nearby tree. Some of the children told me about this and they had been quite shaken by the event.  What were the circumstances? I have often wondered what might have driven that woman to take her life. It is not a route in any way favoured by the Buddhist religion.

I post this brief blog in response to my previous message. Life in Bakong can be pretty sweet – a daily rhythm governed by the rising and setting of the sun, and backed by a chorus of insects and frogs and rural life.

But Cambodia is never far away from tragedy. Next time I visit the children I plan to ask the older ones about the story and be sure that they have processed the tragedy in a way that leaves no sad, frayed ends in their hearts.

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