I’m looking for a sponsor. $US40 a month.


A few days ago I posted the story of a student who had contacted me via Facebook from Cambodia. He has been unable to go to school because of touch family circumstances. I explained how Savong’s NGO can’t just meet up with strangers and hand over money.

However, as Savong promised to do – he travelled (50kms out of Siem Reap) to a small rural village named Khla Khom, and he met with Mouencheat and his family. (See photo above.)  As you can see, it was a formal meeting and Savong conducted a formal interview, asking about the family’s circumstances (the boy’s real father is no longer alive) and about the reasons the young student is unable to go to school. Clearly, Savong told me, the family is very poor.

The other problem is that the free education system of Cambodia is not free at all. Author Joel Brinkley calls the system corrupt – but the truth is, state run high schools have resorted to charging for tuition because they do not receive enough from the Government. Cheat (that’s his nickname) requires $5 per month for English tuition, $7.50 for mathematics, $7.50 for school materials and – given the family circumstances, also requires $10 a month to cover living expenses – the income he can’t earn if he attends school.

This comes to $US40 per month – a modest sum for which I’d love to find a sponsor.

It strikes me that this is an efficient way of helping a young student who is clearly motivated to complete high school and, in time find a good job so he can support his family. The support enables us to support a young person’s future while keeping the family intact.

Please contact me if you would like to be a sponsor.  The next step will be to complete some paperwork (NGO’s must prepare an agreement with the family, so that they must spend the money for the purposes given) and then, with your support, we can commit to Mouencheat.

He lives in your global village. Would you be prepared to assist?

5 thoughts on “I’m looking for a sponsor. $US40 a month.

    • Thanks Jonas. I’ve often thought about loans. I think the Kiva idea is excellent – especially for new start-up small businesses: providing just enough kick-start capital required to get things going. They have excellent success. For students I’m not sure I’d want to burden a young person up with debts. They’re under enough pressure as it is, and the problem with debt in Cambodia is, if anything goes wrong – a bad harvest, an illness or accident – then suddenly the individual and their family are totally exposed to disaster.

  1. This is really great, and Savong’s commitment is inspirational. I will be going to University when I return back to the UK so will have no income, but if i can find work I would happily sponsor a fraction of the required amount. I hope it is not too late when the time comes and I wish the ambitious kid all the best. Good luck Cheat!

    • Thanks Joe. I think we have found a sponsor for Cheat, but I know there are other students at the SHEC (Savong Home & Education Center) who require support – any support.

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