How much do workers get paid in Cambodia?


In a global economy, Cambodia’s salaries are often a case of negotiation between garment workers and the foreign-owned garment factories. The Government has recently signed-in a new minimum wage for these factory workers.

We recently issued pay rises for all staff at Savong’s School – in part because of inflation and the need for pay adjustments to keep up, but also to reflect experience, length of service and skill. Salaries range from $70 per month for a security guard through to $150 per month for the most senior teacher.  (Not the highest he could achieve in the open market – though we ensure unlimited sick leave and health care assistance.) 

As a reference point, a basic desk clerk role in Siem Reap will pay $45 per month, while a white-collar job for a graduate may pay $2-300 per month.

Garment workers, long underpaid by foreign-owned fashion companies have been awarded a rise in the minimum factory wage which is now $75 per month, 

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