Architecture Competition – Cambodia



This just in from BackStage World Architecture News – whom I hope are not unhappy about me borrowing the image above.  A recent contest was held inviting international architects and students to submit a design for a house costing no more than $US2,000 in Cambodia.  

If you knew the price of timber there you’d be put off from entering – it is extremely pricey, and loggers caught trafficking illegal lumber face big fines and the confiscation of their truck. Yet judging by recent satellite photos, Cambodia is rapidly losing its timber reserves.

But no mind – the architecture competition presents some interesting solutions. I like the student entry pictured above because it borrows heavily on the local style which, I reckon, has evolved to meet all the climatic elements including heat and floods, as well as ground-based snakes etcetera. I hope Habitat for Humanity, who helped judge the contest, adopt some of these winning designs.

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