Here’s a project we’re working on this year – Laptops for Cambodia



Each year big corporations and Government agencies turn over a large number of laptops – renewing machines for key staff, or aligning their stock so that all staff are on the same system. Of course some laptops simply slow down and die. No, we’re not interested in those ones.

But we are interested in laptops that have some good life left in them, and host a recent version of Windows – from XP forward. 

Cambodian students represent a burgeoning group who need laptops for their studies and while brand new laptops are ideal, there are no complaints so long as the laptop is in good working order.  Do you know an organisation that is replacing its fleet of laptops?  If so, drop us a note and we might be able to organise something. 

Savong School in Cambodia knows several students – and sister NGOs – through whom we can distribute laptops for those in genuine need. 

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